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Your Summer Marketing Plan Essentials

With the sun kissing our necks, we can feel Summer is just around the corner again. Summer is one of the most profitable periods of the year for doing business. An upsurge in temperature leads to an increase in consumer satisfaction levels culminating in more liberal...

The Barricades Slowing Lidl and Aldi’s Growth and Retail Advance

In 2007, the recession conquered Irish and UK shores, sending many consumers scrambling for cover, hoarding the little they had left. Jobs were lost, wages cut and basic necessities like the price of food were inflating. In retail, they unsuccessfully sought solace, from the economic war being waged on their pocket, in their allies like Tesco. But prices were not budging leading customers to welcome German invasion from budget supermarkets Lidl and Aldi.

How To Drive Sales Using Visual Marketing

Welcome to the visual marketing age. Visual marketing is key to developing an effective marketing strategy generating more leads, better brand visibility and an ultimate surge in sales. Consumers love it and it’s time marketers embrace visuals harnessing the depth of their power creating truely immersive customer experience…

Nice Guys Finish First – The Allure of Socially Responsible Corporations

The biggest trend in marketing today isn’t technology based but rather people based. Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R) is no longer just an idle pipe dream for customers but a heavy expectation put on companies shoulders. Being a good and moral company is the surest route to success leading to happier employees, happier customers, and a healthier bank balance…

Flawed yet flawless: Marketing your brand’s imperfections

The veil of perfection. Oh, how you protect us. Keeping us safe from others negative judgements. So often, we like to present ourselves as distinctly inhuman. We don’t make mistakes. Our work is always perfect. It has to be. Owning up to limitations and mistakes is bad for our brand. We act like machines. Yet humans cannot connect with machines. They do not trust machines. Is marketing our perfections really such a good idea?

The Benefits of Blogging for Business

It’s scary. It’s time-consuming and it’s difficult. But it’s worth it. The suggestion of blogging alone sends a shiver down the spine of many business owners. In fact, there are innumerable benefits of blogging such as improved visibility and allowing you to position yourself as an industry expert…

10 Easy ways to improve your WordPress website’s SEO

If there’s a definitive way of blowing your chances of S-E-X, it’s probably talking about S-E-O. Your not alone if Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t set your blood flowing or heart racing. You won’t achieve that orgasmic high from optimizing WordPress websites. You will be sent crashing to your knee’s in deflation rather than exhilaration. With time, however, a move to improve your WordPress website’s SEO pays off. If your a result’s person, this is more important.

5 Marketing Trends Set to Dominate Ireland in 2017

As we gently delve deeper into 2017, it becomes alarmingly apparent the holidays are over and its time to put our nose to the grindstone once again. Now sets in the cold reality of January for businesses after a prosperous Christmas. Its time to work again. Looking ahead this year will be one that will reward the businesses which don’t sit still. The marketing landscape is changing and changing rapidly.

My 2016 – Getting Unstuck & Starting a Business

2016 was one hell of a roller coaster for me. It involved a steep learning curve followed by a dramatic dive into the world of code, graphic design and more. All this was necessary to create the business I wanted. This blog isn’t an ode to myself, a glowing self-aggrandizing tale of my accomplishments or a subtle, yet equally irritating, humble brag about starting a business. It is just a story of a guy finding what he wants to do. Then going and doing it.

Don’t be a Grinch this Christmas

It was only yesterday, I was walking through the streets of Tralee, Co.Kerry and i noticed the town was vibrant with festive energy and atmosphere. Despite it being St.Stephens Day, I nonetheless felt that sparkle and special feeling stirring in the pit of my stomach, which normally is only reserved for Christmas Day…