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The Secret to Conor Mc Gregor’s Popularity

It's a question which fills  UFC and boxing stars alike with as much anger as envy. But it must be asked. Why is Conor MC Gregor so wildly popular? Hot on the announcement of his multi-million dollar fight with Floyd Mayweather, we're going to look at what endears him...

VR Marketing is the Future… Embrace it!

Close your eyes and strap on your headset, Virtual Reality(VR) is here. We're now edging towards a future where most of our interaction will be carried out behind the comfort of a VR headset. While exciting and revolutionary many businesses and particularly marketing...

Your Summer Marketing Plan Essentials

With the sun kissing our necks, we can feel Summer is just around the corner again. Summer is one of the most profitable periods of the year for doing business. An upsurge in temperature leads to an increase in consumer satisfaction levels culminating in more liberal...

The Barricades Slowing Lidl and Aldi’s Growth and Retail Advance

In 2007, the recession conquered Irish and UK shores, sending many consumers scrambling for cover, hoarding the little they had left. Jobs were lost, wages cut and basic necessities like the price of food were inflating. In retail, they unsuccessfully sought solace, from the economic war being waged on their pocket, in their allies like Tesco. But prices were not budging leading customers to welcome German invasion from budget supermarkets Lidl and Aldi.