If there’s a definitive way of blowing your chances of S-E-X, it’s probably talking about S-E-O. Your not alone if Search Engine Optimisation doesn’t set your blood flowing or heart racing. You won’t achieve that orgasmic high from optimizing WordPress websites. You will be sent crashing to your knee’s in deflation rather than exhilaration. With time, however, a move to improve your WordPress website’s SEO pays off. If your a result’s person, this is more important.


Consider SEO as necessary foreplay. If you want more traffic, more hits, and more user satisfaction, you must ultimately engage in an effective SEO strategy. After all, it leads to better ranking in Google and a greater chance for your e-business to achieve success.


I neglected SEO for a long time. However, necessity has pushed me to learn how to optimize my WordPress website properly. In my quest for knowledge, I have become inbound certified by HubSpot and become an expert googler on all things SEO related. I don’t introduce myself as an SEO buff but this experience has led me to improve my own website’s google ranking exponentially in just a short space of time.


And so I present my 10 easy ways to improve your WordPress website’s SEO:


1. Keyword Research

This is often easily neglected by WordPress newbies. You went through the pain of creating a website, now you just want to slip back into your offline world. But hold on one sec. The purpose of a website is to attract visitors and traffic. To achieve this, you need to be easily found in the search engine.


Ask yourself, what are people typing to find your business. Specifically, make a list of your industry’s keywords or words describing your business. Analyze your competitor’s keywords. Google’s keyword planner can speed up the process. Insert these keywords into content throughout your website. This will make it easier to find for people’s search queries. You should use 1-5 special focus keywords for each blog or page. Furthermore, Yoast plug-in is a great way to help.


2. Meta Description

This little piece is also very important if you want to improve your WordPress website’s SEO. It helps describe what the page is about. Google spiders will crawl the meta data for keywords to see if the content is relevant to each person’s search.


Inserting your focus keyword into your meta description helps potential leads find your business. This includes blogs. Surprisingly, many aren’t aware google bots consider blogs different individual pages on the website.


3. Alt Tags

Another point often overlooked is, every image you insert into your web page should be accompanied by an appropriate alt tag describing the image. Google spiders cannot read images, they can only read text.


This is why it’s vital the text contains your focus keywords to encourage ranking in the search engine for the keyword.


4. Headings

I made this mistake when creating my website. When it came to blog headings and subheadings throughout the page, I never tailored them to keywords I wanted to rank for.


In other words, the main heading of your blog should ideally be related to a search term for your industry. This means your blog or page will be easily found in the search engine.


5. Content Relevancy

At the start, it’s tempting to blog about whatever tickles your fancy. While this does make for engaging and unique content, it also means you’ll never be found in organic searches by your target market. This limits your possibility for expanding brand awareness and reaching new customers. You should try and find a balance between creating blogs aimed at ranking for your industry keywords and personal lifestyle blogs.


Contrastingly, personal blogs are important as they help your audience get to know those behind the business building trust and engagement. If every blog I write is about Seo, it’s not going to attract a wide audience. People love variety. I try to create 1 personal blog about anything that interests me for every 4 industry specific blogs. This keeps it fun for me and for the reader.


6. Title tags

It’s embarrassing but, I didn’t even know these existed when I created my website. They are easily editable in the Yoast plug in, you just have to notice them. They are key for good Seo. Additionally, if you want to rank specifically in a certain area, you can add your location to the title tag after your business name and focus keyword.


Likewise, It’s more professional to use this line | to separate each word rather than the default – .


7.Link to social media accounts

Speculation exists that a strong social media presence is a Google ranking factor – number of followers, number of different social channels and engagement levels. This stands to reason as the most authoritative websites have strong engagement with their customers.


As a result, you should create social media accounts linking to your website. It also offers a medium to further promote your content such as blogs,


8. Blog regularly

Regular blogs help draw traffic to your website through organic search. It also gives your “fans” or customers a reason to keep visiting your site as it will always have fresh content. This shows Google that there is continual traffic going to your website boosting it’s authority.


It’s important to realize that, every page on your website is also indexed and the more indexed pages with relevant keywords you have, the better your Google ranking.


9. Optimize for mobile

Your WordPress website needs to be mobile-friendly. It’s a key ranking factor for Google. More people are browsing on their phones than on desktop. Fast loading web pages are vital. Effective use of white space on each web page also makes it easier to read for users.


Inserting paragraphs after 3- 4 lines ensures the writing isn’t appearing too intense to readers. You can cut some content out of your web pages for mobile so pages don’t appear too wordy. Sub-headlines also serve to break up the text.


10. Video

I’ll admit, this is one instance where I’m preaching what I’m not practicing. However, a video on your home page can help with optimizing your website.


Video marketing is a major trend in the online world at the moment. It makes sense then that Google deems websites with video as more authoritative and engaging.


Improve your WordPress website’s SEO

So now we can lie back in quiet satisfaction. Implementing these tricks can boost your ranking on Google. You don’t need to be a coding expert. You just need to apply your energy in the right direction. Draw traffic, create more leads and watch your sales explode.