Easter is just around the corner meaning it’s time to start discussing promotion and advertising again. How does your business plan to increase revenue during this year? Easter is the first holiday after Christmas where consumers lavishly loosen the purse strings once again. Splashing out on indulgent treats becomes acceptable if only briefly before resolutions become re-indoctrinated. This represents a great marketing opportunity. Over the course of this blog, we’ll discuss Easter marketing ideas to generate sales at your business.

According to CNBC, Easter sales outstrip both Halloween and Valentines Day for confectionery goods. Surveys undertaken by vouchercloud also show that parents spend an average of £25 on their child, while other family members spend £31 on Easter gifts.

However, Candy, sweets, and chocolate aren’t the only ways to maximise profit at Easter. Multiple opportunities exist for all kinds of business. People eat more at Easter. They purchase more turkeys/hams, along with luxurious starters and desserts for their Sunday lunch. Retailers can take advantage of this information to craft tailored advertising campaigns promoting these kinds of products. Health conscious consumers eager to guard their waistline and not go overboard, may also be reached. E.g Bodyfirst Nutrition launched a high protein chocolate Easter egg to appeal to this market segment.

Creating Offline Marketing Campaigns

With these thoughts in mind, it’s time to start organizing your easter marketing campaigns. One way to create fun and excitement instore is with Easter themed stickers such as bunny tracks. Sticking them all over the floor leads traffic flow to designated Easter promotions rack. Here, they’ll find ready-made Easter baskets full of little gifts. Another option is changing the colours of the bunny tracks to either blue or pink. The blue trail leading to boys gifts and pink for girls.

Furthur ideas include hosting an Easter egg hunt. Easter is a time for families and it gets the kids having fun, hunting for their Easter egg. This gives parents time to relax and browse products instore. It doesn’t need to be restricted to kids either. Hosting adult Easter hunt is a creative option. Hide lots of plastic eggs throughout the store and if customers find them they get a 20% off voucher, a free Easter basket, or even an Easter recipe.

These types of events not only thank your loyal customers, but can also bring new customers instore. You can even tie in with local charity fundraisers leading to free promotion for the charity and good PR for your business. Ballingarry House Hotel and Spa do an annual Easter egg hunt of this kind for the last seven consecutive years now. It’s been such a great success that it sells out every year. The proceeds are all donated to local charities and Bernados.

Other offline promotions include creating special Easter menu’s for café’s and restaurants. Starbucks launched a special Easter drink – a Cadbury Egg Frappucino. This fuels customer engagement offering them exciting new food/drink alternatives. Sending out thank you Easter cards to customers and providing special offers is another worthwhile Easter marketing endeavour.

Online Marketing Opportunities

You don’t need a physical store to reap the benefits of Easter marketing campaigns either. There’s lots of online marketing opportunities available to increase online purchase rates or build your social media following. Last year, I created a Facebook contest (when working on behalf of the Charleville Chamber). The goal was to increase social media followers, build brand awareness, and also to give back to our loyal customer base. I created an Easter basket full of goodies and posted a picture of it online. Then I invited Facebook followers to comment on their favourite thing to do over the Easter holidays. I must admit it was hard trying to choose the lucky winner as all the responses were pretty amazing. However, results wise, our followers increased while simultaneously building brand awareness.

If the aim is to increase online sales, online marketing provides many solutions. An offering of 20% discount on all purchases made on your website entices sales. People love a deal and you could even include free worldwide delivery. As an added incentive, every purchase made online could include a free Easter egg. This encourages people to make a purchase with your business rather than competitors. Insurance companies like comparethemarket.com give away a free toy if you choose to purchase insurance from them instead of a competitor.

Another way to increase website traffic for this time of year is writing a blog article with Easter recipes or tips. People love trying new things and especially doing it themselves through home cooking. Write a list of things for people to do over the holidays. You could even turn it into a handy print out for them to stick up on their fridge.


Now we know some offline and online marketing opportunities available. But nowadays, the offline and online marketing campaigns need to be integrated to reach the broadest number of people possible and maximize sales. Anything you’re promoting offline, should also be promoted online to reach a wider market.So if there is any in-store promotion your doing, make sure you tell all your online customers also. This brings more people instore.

As you can see, plenty of marketing options are available over the holidays to get your profits hopping. I hope this helps and if you need any help creating your Easter design/campaigns either for online or offline communications remember to get in touch with one of our team here at BXT.