Recently I’ve been conducting marketing research on the Millennial generation and young people in general. As a recently turned 26-year-old, researchers label me a Millennial. However, I cannot assume everyone is just like me. This is the importance of marketing research and seeking objective statistics and information to back up your opinion.

Before continuing on, I should mention that Millennials are people born in the early 80’s until late 90’s. They’re becoming the largest market segment in the world. By the year 2020, Statisticians expect Millennials ato account for 30% of all retail spending in the United States. That’s $1.4 trillion. Our latest marketing e-book “Making Love to Millennials” is free to all our subscribers for anyone seeking deeper knowledge about this generation.

Instagram feeds and Tabloid newspapers depict a quiet ugly picture of my generation. Apparently, we’re all sex obsessed, vein, and selfish individuals who care more about receiving attention than giving it. We don’t care about famine in Africa or war in Syria, what concerns us is that our latest social media post isn’t receiving enough likes. Oh, the horror!!

Why all the hate against Millennials?

Countless blogs and newspaper articles exist attacking the millennial work ethic and ego centricity. This negative brush staining Millennials is both unfair and inaccurate. The reality is that the minority (thanks to technology and the media) are able to garner most of the attention. Consequently, the self-anointed jurors judge most Millennials to be exactly like the ego-driven few.

Fortunately, my research sheds a different light on Millennials. It turns out Millennials don’t just want to work to earn titles and promotions. They prefer to make a positive impact on the world. Not only this, but most will only spend their money on brands that give back to society and equally make a positive contribution in the world. This is forcing many corporations to invest heavily in good C.S.R. If only just to improve their public relations with this generation.

Surprisingly, research shows that if the American Presidential debate was judged purely on the Millennial vote then Hilary Clinton would have won by a landslide. So maybe it’s not the Millennial generation wishing to watch the world burn after all.

It seems in our own unique way, Millennials are driving change in the corporate sector and the world in general. Maybe now people will give us a break. The Millennial dream is for a work life balance where everyone is treated equally and works together for the betterment of the whole of society, not the few.


Check out our infographic below to discover some more of our findings:


Marketing to Millennials

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