With the sun kissing our necks, we can feel Summer is just around the corner again. Summer is one of the most profitable periods of the year for doing business. An upsurge in temperature leads to an increase in consumer satisfaction levels culminating in more liberal spending habits. To garner attention and create buzz around your product you need to organize a well-rounded summer marketing plan.

In order to curate the perfect marketing plan, there are certain practices we need to consider:

Highlighting Experiences

Summer is a period where the sunshine lures people outside begging them to live a little. Many cannot resist. People travel more, go out more, exercise more and feed their adventurous side. Summer marketing plans need to appeal to consumers thirst for new experiences and quest for adventure. Marketing messages must arouse a sense of excitement in their audience for the product or service while correspondingly connecting with the overall summer mood.

Travel agencies and hoteliers should impress on consumers the fun and crazy experiences their service can provide. Surfing perfect waves. Photographing amazing landscapes. Witnessing beautiful scenery. Glimpsing a throbbing nightlife. Advertising messages must carry visuals or impressions of these kinds of experiences to impact consumers and impel action.

The same is true for any industry. Summer is a unique period harbouring a brief respite from the incessant wind and cold we’re normally acclimatized to. Any product can catapult on the back of rising consumer sentiment in the Summer period. But their ads must be time relevant.

Associative Imagery

As well as highlighting experiences, advertising and marketing messages need to include associative symbols and images of the Summer. What comes to your mind when you think of Summer? Sunshine invading the sky, sandcastles on the beach, sweat rolling from brows on the sports field, indulgent picnics with the family, profusions of flowers dominating the garden, kids milling around the park having fun, and a general sense of happiness all pervade my mind. Marketing messages need to carry these connotations.

Butchers need to encourage people to fire up the BBQ and promote the necessary product line – burgers, sauces, sausages, hot dogs etc. Including symbols like the sun in an advert also helps grab people’s attention creating a lighter mood mellowing the perception of “It’s just another ad”. I’m always shocked by the number of retailers ignorant of the need to create time relevant ads for the Summer period. Instead, they assume that if you put your burgers on sale people will automatically think Summer BBQ. Not the case.

Adverts are swallowed in seconds and spit out in less than that. Including images we associate with Summer helps consumers quickly understand the context of the offering. Failure to do so means consumers won’t realize why they need your product.

Feelings and Emotions

Ultimately, everything we’re speaking about concerns people’s feelings and emotions. Adverts and marketing practices need to trigger an emotional response in the consumer to aid messages memorability. Every product or service is selling the end user a feeling post consumption. Pleasure after eating an ice-cream. Relief after drinking a cool drink when the sun is blazing our burning cheeks. Relaxation on a deck chair during your Summer holiday. These are all feelings. Brands need to demonstrate the feelings their product provides post-purchase.

“Taste the feeling”. Does that sound familiar? It’s Coca Cola’s latest slogan aptly describing their product’s benefits. Their Ad always shows the cracking open of an ice cold Coke before the person braces the bottle to their lips. This is priming people. Showing them (not telling them) why they should drink Coca Cola. Coke quenches your thirst and makes you feel happy, consumers are told.

All brand’s big and small need to tap into the feelings their products give the end user and find a way to associate your product with the summer period. This will exponentially help sales and the end consumer will subconsciously understand the product benefit.

And Don’t Forget

Ad’s need to be relevant to people and by creating summer associations you’re effectively propositioning yourself to the consumer. It’s not about spinning a message but demonstrating the product benefit at this time of year.

Washing up powder helps keep clothes clean for Summer adventures and days/nights out. A hoover takes the time out of cleaning allowing you to relax outside and enjoy the sunshine. Brand’s need to make people aware of the needs they ‘re solving and solutions they’re providing to be effective at this time of year. Provide a reason to buy your product during the summer.

Finally, no matter the product, every brand needs to create a Summer marketing plan. Get started.