BXT Visual Marketing was founded in 2016 by Kevin O Leary. Located in Currow (a small reclusive part of Kerry in the Irish countryside) a place where peace and tranquility feed the creative soul. A 25-year-old marketing graduate from the Institute of Technology Tralee, Kevin struggled to find an outlet for both his creativity and passion for marketing. Despite the agency’s start-up status and humble beginnings, the agency is steadily growing.



The origins of BXT can be traced back to a group of friends trip to the Guinness Storehouse on a cold, wet October morning. Intentions were purely focused on embracing their favourite pint and tracing from top to bottom its origins. Little did Kevin realize that on the 6th floor at the advertising wing, that a fire inside of him that lay dormant since his college days would be reignited.


A dream was born

Kevin fell in love with the company’s visual marketing works from throughout the years. He began to question could he create similar efforts and could that provide a medium to bring his ideas to life. Enter a trusty notebook where hundreds of different ad concepts were sketched out for many different companies. Its BXT’s mission to reach these companies and transform their visual marketing efforts. Being a millennial, Kevin mentally blocked most ads and marketing efforts that came his way. So he ananalyzed what kind of marketing grabbed his attention and why. The answer lay in visuals that were creative, funny and/or emotional. It just so happened that these were just the kind of visuals that he loved creating. Visuals which told you their story rather than sold it.


The mission

Fast forward 6 months, lots of head scratching and endless late nights, BXT was born. Armed with the simple mission of creating visuals that reach a generation who have become disillusioned with the advertising industry. Since then more people have joined the team. Together we strive to achieve our dream of creating higher quality visuals that connect with the millennial audience in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Days in Business



Problems Overcome


Kevin O Leary

Kevin O Leary

Founder and Creative Director

Kevin is our founder and supplies the strategy and vision spearheading the unearthing of creative solutions for our clients marketing problems. Kevin graduated with a Bachelor of Business in marketing from the Institute of Tralee in 2013 and has over 4 years work experience in the retail industry.  He loves solving problems, creating new ideas and doing things different. Outside of work he leads an active life with hobbies ranging from sport, nutrition, photography to graphic design. It’s this curiosity and thirst for new knowledge and experiences that feeds his creativity and keeps BXT at the forefront of all things creative.

Brands need to stand out by being extraordinary not ordinary.

Kevin O Leary

Marketing isn’t about selling, it’s about connecting.

Jessica Eveleigh

Jessica Eveleigh

Jessica Eveleigh

Marketing Executive

Jessica is our Marketing Specialist who devises and manages both digital and traditional marketing campaigns. She gained her Master degree in Marketing practice in 2015 and brings a wealth of experience for her young age. She has worked within the City Chamber industry bringing the business community closer together to help them market and grow their businesses, while also working with the local government and local representatives in Charleville, Co.Cork.

Conor Brosnan

Conor Brosnan

Brand Communications

Conor came to us with a vast array of skills with both a Bachelor of Business in Management and Diploma in Sports, Exercise and Nutrition. Digitally savvy and social media obsessed he implements and directs BXT’s content marketing strategy while also guiding brand communication. Experience in the environmental sector with Irish Drains and in the Health sector for the HSE, allows Conor to provide a different perspective on business. Consequently he brings both a fresh and added dimension to the team. Outside work he devotes his time to underage coaching for Kerry GAA and basketball clubs.

The best social media strategy is the one that’s least invasive.

Conor Brosnan