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A selection of some of the websites we’ve built which are all fully responsive for all devices while also following SEO best practice. 

Elhaji Conde 

JS Design 

St. Patricks Secondary School Castleisland 

Laune Global Cargo

Eye 4 Coaching

Kate Shanahan Art

VIP Chauffeur Killarney


We’ve had the privalege of working with many SME’s and start up’s and helping them craft their brand identity. We’ve created business cards, brochures, flyers as well as logo’s on behalf of clients.


As part of our offering to clients we include digital photography. We create images using the industry standard Canon camera and have strong photo editing skills.

These images can be used for companies websites, content marketing, advertising, calendar design, and more.

Our 2018 calendar will be available for download here in the next 2 weeks. It includes a compilation of images ranging from landscape to wildlife from our founder – Kevin.


We have recently included video production into our services available to clients. We can create commercial ads and infomrative videos for products and services. Below is a video we recently completed for a local business – VIP Chauffeur Killarney.

Other noteworthy Works

We’re an open-minded and multi-skilled bunch at BXT and complete many different projects in various disciplines.


Every day, more and more companies are struggling to reach a market defined by inattention and distraction. Millennials are people aged between 25-35 and are now the largest market segment out there. But how do you grab this group’s attention wrestling it away from the latest social media update on their smartphone’s? Our E-book addresses this issue and delves into creating the perfect brand for this generation.


In December 2017, we designed a calendar for Castleisland Basketball club to raise funds for their u16 trip to Barcelona. The calendar was a success achieving their target of 500 sales at €10 per calendar.