1. Amazon


I like this ad mainly because its radically different from the usual stereotypical Christmas ads every year. Boy meets girl at Christmas and falls in love. Aldi gets Kevin carrot character to return for another year. And so many Santas and Santa factories. This ad is centered on Amazon and the services they actually provide for Christmas. It avoids some of the cringy stories that permeate the advertising space at this time of year. Instead, it presents a diluted Christmas message but delivered in a creative and festive fashion.


2. Audi


Audi is another company that didn’t get involved in too much creative effort and “silly stuff” this season. Their ad captures the craziness of Christmas - fighting for parking spaces and last minute gifts. Two Dads take centre stage as they compete against each other for survival at Christmas. It contains humor which makes its message more easily received by viewers who are increasingly tired of Christmas ads and advertising in general. Peppered throughout is a mere soft sell of Audi’s features.


3. Very.co.uk


You cannot help but be struck by the amazing animation work and storytelling in this ad. Very.co.uk chose to lean into the fairytale aspect of Christmas and I believe it worked tremendously in this ad. It’s very creative and emotional and grabs the viewers attention. You leave with feelings of joy, fantasy, and the belief that dreams can come true.


4. Celtic FC


I might be a little biased with this inclusion considering I support Celtic. However, very few football teams create Christmas ads and I think this ad was executed very well. The mood and tone throughout are very festive. Current football team players are featured in the ad which helps fuse connection with the audience (Celtic fans). It was also great PR for the club to attempt a Christmas style ad. The storyline is a little cliche but the overall message and the quality of its delivery were excellent.


5. Yummy Cafe


It’s rare you see a small Irish business create a Christmas ad. But Yummy Cafe didn’t just create one but nailed it. It quickly went viral in Ireland reaching national newspapers. The ad is very emotional and leads the viewer on a journey which eventually culminates in them arriving at the cafe.